Fuel Management System

We automate, simplify and secure the refueling and payment process through the use of our automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) solution across a range of verticals, including the retail, commercial, industrial and mining sectors. Using latest technology of RFID to secure the fuel operation and avoid any fuel quantity mistakes and filling Wrong vehicles. Different ways of filling vehicles either using manual way, using touch keys or RFID tags. Driver identification Date /time of filling. Cost centre and project identification. Calculate fuel consumption and exact fuel filled.

Fleet Management System

Providing fleet management system software company Gurtam which is worldwide software provider for GPS with over than 800,000 vehicles on our platform. We provide telematics and GPS trackers from prestige company worldwide including fuel theft equipment. Live monitoring, speeding, tracing, routing, geo-fencing, fuel tanks level, fuel consumption, driver assessment, Eco driving, harsh breaking maintenance program and many customise reports. Alarm notification by SMS and e-mails. Extra equipment we could install tire pressure, camera, sensor, RFID tags, tanks gauges, door sensor, seat belt sensor LCD screen display and Garman devises and connected direct to our GPS trackers.

Video Surveillance

Trackline provide an Open Platform Video Management Software (VMS) with the added intelligence of video analytics modules and network video recorders (NVR). Currently over 17 000 video surveillance systems are successfully running with us all over the world. IP camera software will allow you to build a scalable CCTV camera system with an unlimited number of IP cameras, servers and workstations. Every license includes full, unrestricted VMS functionality with free updates and without any hidden costs. By installing hardware and software we was able to solve a lot of customers requirement and many problems.

Tanks Gauges Monitoring

Monitoring different type of liquid (water, chemicals, fuel) using different type of communication including GPRS, solving customers need to know The current level and quantity 24/7. ability to monitor different heights from 50cm till 14 meter with high accuracy.